Captain Cook Memorial Museum

Captain Cook Memorial Museum is where James Cook came to serve his seaman's apprenticeship. Cook's master Captain Walker lodged young James, when not at sea, in the attic of this 17th century house.New Exhibition for 2010:

A rich collection of original paintings and drawings, ship models, maps, original manuscripts including a letter signed by Cook, illustrate the career of Cook and the achievements of all who sailed with him.

Northward Ho! A voyage towards the North Pole 1773

Cook's were not the only voyages of exploration at this time. While he was searching for the Great Southern Continent, the Admiralty sent another Yorkshireman, Captain Constantine Phipps, towards the North Pole. This was to test the belief that the sea itself did not freeze and that ice only formed near to land, with implications for the search of that elusive northern passage to the East.

A courageous and unusual officer, the exhibition sheds fresh light on his life and exploration in the 18th century Navy.

Grape Lane
WHITBY, N. Yorks
YO22 4BE

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