Captain Cook Tour


Follow in the footsteps of Captain James Cook.

The Captain Cook Country Tour will take you on a journey of discovery as it follows the life of Britain's most famous seaman and explorer.

It will take you through a rich variety of landscape: from industrial activity, through wild moorland and along rocky coastline from which James Cook took inspiration.

Here you can share the same views with Cook as he too explored the countryside around his childhood home. You'll find his schoolroom and trace the tracks he followed on his way to his first job in Staithes and from here to Whitby where he lived and learned the seafarer's trade.

The tour is a circular route of around 70 miles (113km) with distinctive brown & white road signs from Marton, in Middlesbrough Through Great Ayton and the coast at Saltburn with its smuggling history; then on to Staithes and Whitby, to return across the North York Moors via Guisborough. The tour may be joined at any point although starting at Marton is the logical point to follow the Cook story from his birthplace.

The tour can be completed by car in a whole day, but to take full advantage of the Cook related attractions, the opportunities for short walks and just soaking up the special atmosphere of Cook Country, two or more days can be spent.

The tour can of course also be made by public transport and there are ample walking and cycling possibilities along the way.

Links to Cook and other maritime attractions can be visited just away from the Country Tour, in Middlesbrough and across the river Tees in Stockton and Hartlepool.

Take the "Cook Town Tour" from Marton into the centre of Middlesbrough by following the distinctive road signs.

Marton to Great Ayton >>>

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